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TVA identifies route for 161 kilovolt transmission line
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TVA plans to build the proposed Shelby-Millington 161-kilovolt transmission line from TVA’s existing Shelby substation located off Mudville Road in Millington to SR’s new Millington Solar substation located at the corner of Kerrville Rosemark Road and Bethuel Road in Millington.

The selected route is expected to have the least impact on the area, based on public input from the open house and additional evaluation of other factors, including social, environmental, and engineering impacts. A National Environmental Policy Act review is also pending.

TVA will meet with property owners along the proposed right-of-way to obtain easements for construction, operation and maintenance of the line. The project will require new right of way. Property owners would still own the property and be compensated for the easements at fair market value.

TVA is expected to begin surveys in spring 2017 and start acquiring easements in winter 2017-2018. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2018 and be completed by fall 2018.