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ABB and Fluor Partner to Deliver Power Substation Projects Globally
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“We are proud to partner with Fluor to tap the vast  opportunities of the ongoing Energy Revolution and related power  infrastructure investments. Together, we intend to grow our businesses  by complementing each other’s strengths in unique customer services for  substation projects,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “Strategic  partnerships like this are a core pillar of our Next Level strategy and  help us to drive growth while mitigating risk.”

Substations  are key elements in power grid infrastructure that facilitate the  efficient transmission and distribution of electricity. They control and  protect power flows, connect power stations to the grid and link  transmission and distribution networks as well as end consumers.

“Fluor’s  new global strategic partnership with ABB targeting the substation  market is expected to bring unique synergies to our Power clients,” said  David Seaton, Chairman and CEO of Fluor. “This approach exemplifies our  focus on addressing client needs with our unique integrated solutions  offering.”

ABB  provides air-insulated, gas-insulated and hybrid substations with  voltage levels up to 1,200 kV. These substations facilitate the  efficient and reliable transmission and distribution of electricity with  minimum environmental impact. They serve utility, industry and  commercial customers as well as sectors including railways, urban  transportation and renewables.