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Appalachian Power transmission rebuild to start in spring 2018
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The project will provide the area with a robust power delivery system that is capable of handling the region’s growing energy needs, the company said.

According to a project fact sheet, the project includes rebuilding about seven miles of the Elkhorn City-Fremont-Grundy 69-kV transmission line, and most of the work will take place within, or adjacent to, the company’s existing utility easements.

The existing line is a section of the Elkhorn City-Fremont-Grundy line and is more than 90 years old, according to the fact sheet. The aging wood structures must be replaced with modern equipment to provide a robust transmission system and a reliable flow of electricity for customers, the fact sheet noted.

The project begins on the ridge of Pine Mountain, just south of the Kentucky-Virginia border, according to the fact sheet. The line travels south through the Jefferson National Forest for about a mile to the Haysi substation west of Main Street in Haysi, the fact sheet noted, adding that the line continues south from Haysi, crossing Dickenson Highway, and ending near Providence Drive, just north of Clinchco.